CR:X UK Importer was invited to attend the Tri-Services event at Hayling Island on the 1st Nov 2017

The Tri Services Kiteboarding event is the annual competition that is held between the Armed forces in the UK. It consists of the British Army, Royal Navy and Marines and the Royal Air Force.

Traditionally a freestyle competition this was the first year that they introduced racing.

The forecast for the day was extremely light southerly.

Jack Ridel and team set up the beach and talked through all the CR:X equipment with the 40 or so competitors.

Lots of interest from all and loving the convertible concept.

A short presentation was then given to all the Chairmans of the forces.

At 1pm the wind started to build and competitors were keen to give the equipment a go – although not enough for competition.

Ian Savage – who had been foiling for some time was up and riding in foil mode in 9 knots with the 13m

Then it was a rush to get on the water – seven 13m kites were pumped up and it was a sea of yellow kites in the air.

The wind stayed for around an hour before fading again – however all agreed that the 13m was amazing and many could not believe how they could stay in the air.

CR:X will be back with the forces later in the the month in Cornwall.

If you want to know more on CR:X in the UK contact Jack Ridel UK Distributor.

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