CR:X Training

We never stop learning and the best way to learn is to get on the water with others.

However coaching/ clinics cannot be under estimated on how to improve your riding and performance around the course

Being a new class the CR:X Training has been split into CR:X Introduction and Race Clinics.

CR:X Training

CR:X Introduction

CR:X Introduction

Once you have been talked through the equipment and been shown how to assemble the kit in its various set ups you are ready to try the equipment.

Most people who can kite started on a twip-tip , however most are new to Hydrofoiling and this is where the emphasis will be put to get you up and foiling

Foiling is an art and with some simple coaching is easy to achieve for all competent kite surfers

The clinics will show you how to carry the foil , manoeuvre in the water and take your first steps to get up and riding

More advanced clinics can be tailored to class requirements and will include elements as going upwind, downwind, tacking and gybeing.

Race Clinics

Now you can ride the equipment you are ready to race.

Within the clinics we will go through the different formats within CR:X

  • Twin Tip Racing
  • Course Race

The clinics will be split into the following:

  • Flags and Timings – What flag means what – when to start
  • Starts – Starting sequences
  • Rights of Way – Who has right of way on the course
  • Turns – How to get around a buoy fast
  • Wind shifts / Currents – A brief introduction into what difference these can make on a course
  • Practice race in different formats

CR:X Race Clinics

The Future

CR:X The Future

Over time we will be build on these clinics with online tutorials such as video and pdf documents.

Check out the Events Calendar for all events around the World.


Membership is required for all CR:X racers, it is inexpensive and helps fund the association.

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