Week-end test des produits NEILPRYDE WINDSURFING One Design. Du kitesurf avec le CR:X – Convertible Kite Racing en foil ou twintip et du windsurf avec les RS:Convertible Wind Foiling Class en foil ou slalom. Facebook page

NeilPryde in collaboration with the 2017 Foiling Bay La Baule, held its first stop over show casing the CR:X One Design (kite foiling) Convertibles amongst other flying machines such RS:X (wind foiling), Flying Phantom, Foiling Moth and Foiling SUP. The event had great conditions, with winds from 6 to 15 knots, organisers achieved 11 for…

This first test event in Europe will see 30 sets of CR:X equipment ready to be tested and raced in the beautiful bay of Brest

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