NeilPryde in collaboration with the 2017 Foiling Bay La Baule, held its first stop over show casing the CR:X One Design (kite foiling) Convertibles amongst other flying machines such RS:X (wind foiling), Flying Phantom, Foiling Moth and Foiling SUP.

The event had great conditions, with winds from 6 to 15 knots, organisers achieved 11 for Kite surfers in just 2 days.

The event was well organised by Yacht Club La Baule who were excellent hosts.

All the courses were windward / leeward course run by Arnaud a very experienced race director.

Also on hand was demo equipment that many local riders came and tried out – all agreed it was easy to use and all had a great ride.
CR:X is an innovative, versatile One design kite racing platform that features a convertible board that can be switched between fin and foil modes. Multiple modes mean that the same set of hardware can be used for beginner or more advanced foil races or in changing weather conditions. CR:X is the perfect pathway for young racers to the elite and Olympic pinnacle dream offering an accessible, fun and performing one design solution.

CR:X Convertible Kite Foiling @ La Baule
Results after 11 Races
1- Leborgne Kieran (Men)
2- Cou Sebastien (Men)
3- Simonnet Mathieu (Men)
4- Civel Antoine (Men)
5- Lavasier Clement (Men)

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