CR:X – Convertible Race X-Over

We have distilled everything we learned in kiteboarding and formula windsurfing and applied it to the CR:X. CR:X equipment has been engineered to be as light and as fast as possible, while remaining easy to use by athletes of varying weights and sizes.

Kite          Board          Control System         


Get more race days on the water with the CR:X

The CR:X is a three-strut bow kite design, optimized for low-end power due to its full bodied profile. CR:X kite is designed to maximize power in light winds while ensuring effortless control in strong winds.

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The Convertible Concept

The CR:X board has been designed to be ridden in two distinctly different modes for varying conditions and race formats.

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Control System

Lightweight, high performance, safe and easy to use

The comfortable EVA grip, combined with our functional floating bar end design, allows for a durable high performance race system that is easy to adjust.

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Where do I purchase CR:X equipment?

CR:X is sold from our distribution network or direct from NeilPryde where no distributors.

Distributors are located in nearly every country have a look at the map to see where your local one is located.