CRX One Design Kite Foil Demo Workshop – Huidong County, Guangdon, China

The first ever CRX Demo workshop took place in Huidong county, Guangdong Province, China on April 29th and May 1st.

The weather went great but the wind condition was around 3-4 knots on April 29th and lightly breeze on May 1st.

The Demo event went great and all of the kitesurfer who attend the demo event had a great chance to explore the CRX gear and tested on the CRX kites for a couple sessions.

CRX One Design Kite Foil Demo Workshop – Hainan, China

Our 2nd and 3rd CRX One Design Kite Foil Demo Workshop was taking place on May 5th and May 7th in Hainan province, China run successfully.

The May 5th event was take place on Bo’ao Town and the one on May 7th was in Lingwang Town.

The weather was great on both demo days. The wind speed on May 5th was around 7-13 knots.

Unfortunately, there was no wind on the May 7th demo day. We were unable to let the attender to trial on the CRX gear into water during this demo deal to the wind condition.

All the attending kitesurfer had a great time to check out the CRX One Design gear. Everyone was left with a lot of fun.

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