Rewa is famous for kitesurfing in Poland and attracts many riders due to its unique set up. The riding spot is off a large sand spit that extends for about a km so you have onshore on one side and offshore on the other in a Westerly wind. You can ride on nearly every direction.

The little village has a few surfshops, bars and places to stay.

Friday dawned rainy – however by lunchtime sun and wind were up giving perfect conditions to try all the equipment. The wind built from 8 knots topping out at 20 knots by the end of the day. Everyone enjoyed testing the CR:X equipment saying how easy it was to use.

Saturday the forecast was not great however the wind was enough to get out on the foilboards and many enjoyed going out in 8 knots with a 13m and having fun. It was decided to run a race at 3 pm however as soon as the course was set out the wind decided to disappear.

Sunday and the forecast was great, many more riders registered whom had been competing at Chalupy from the Polish Cup and were keen to try CR:X . Riders ranged in age from 11 – 50 !

The morning was spent testing out the equipment and racing was to commence with Twin Tip Slalom . A course was set about 100m offshore and was a figure of 8 set up. Heats were with 5 or 6 with the top 2 from each going into the final the rest of the riders in the losing final. Racing was fierce. It was great to watch and there were a few crashes both on the start line and the first buoy

There were 5 rounds in total which gave competitors a chance to discard their worst result .

Results after 5 rounds
1. Dariusz Ziomek
2. Mateusz Jacyno
3. Janek Koszowski
4. Andrzej Fal
5. Paulina Ziolkowsk

Next up was course racing and it was 5.30pm – We ran 3 course races and competitors were on 10 and 7 m – however the water remained fairly flat.

The course was a windward / leeward short track course with a target time of 6 minutes which the top riders achieved – it was very fast.

There was some really close racing in the top 2 between Blazej Ozog and Ivan Doronin – in the last race it came down to 2 meters difference.

1.Blazej Ozog
2. Ivan Doronin
3. Andrzej Fal
4. Michal Fedusio

Prize giving was held on the beach in the setting sun – a perfect finish.

Many thanks for all the riders and CR:X distributor Surf24 and local school Olbyrychskiesport for hosting the event


CR:X Rewa Poland

CR:X Rewa 17-18.06.2017Prezentujemy krótki klip z niedzielnych zmagań w Rewie, których byliśmy świadkami i czynnymi uczestnikami. Organizatorom Sklep CR:X – Kite Class Poland CR:X – Convertible Kite Racing przy pięknej kajtowej pogodzie udało się rozegrać 5 serii slalomu, czyli 20 wyścigów w klasie Twin Tip oraz trzy wyścigi na hydroskrzydłach. Zabawa była przednia, a emocje sięgały zenitu. Zresztą zobaczcie sami!

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