The Charleston Fort to Battery Race and Regatta on the 29/30th April was a huge success and I’m sure that everybody involved would agree that it’s an awesome event with a little variety for everybody!

We sailed some windward/leeward course races on Friday afternoon just off of Fort Sumter with 11 total participants (9 kites and 2 moths). All sailors met at James Island Yacht Club where we loaded everybody onto boats and ferried sailors to No Name Beach, just off of the Fort, to rig and launch.

In the lighter breeze, it seemed like the Moths had a little bit of an edge on the kites, but a the breeze started to pick up, the kites were able to get through the puffy transitions just a bit quicker.

That said though, Patrick Wilson and David Loring were very dialed on the Moths, as expected, and were able to take race wins off the kites.

Saturday was a little light in the morning so we decided to call off the scheduled racing in the morning and focus all of our energy on the Big Race. At around noon, the breeze started to pick up for the proposed 2PM start just off of Ft. Sumter.

The squad mobilized for No Name Beach at around 12:30 and as we got to the launch site, the breeze was in the low teens but with a lot of outbound current, making for some pretty tricky conditions to start. The man, the legend, Bill Murray was even hanging out on the beach to check out all of the action.

After a brief postponement, the big race got going at 2:30. The Moths took a pretty early lead and it seemed like they might have had just a little bit of an edge on the fleet, but as the breeze continued to build, the kites started pulling ahead. There were some amazing crashes along the way but in the end, the Big Race lasted around 6 minutes with the kites taking the win for a third straight year.

A huge spectator crowd was on the Charleston Battery to check out all of the action as the fleet crossed the finish line. Afterwards, James Island Yacht Club treated all of the competitors to their annual BBQ cook off, certainly icing on the cake for one heck of a day!

Sunday was another perfect day on Charleston harbor with breeze in the upper teens and we again sailed some windward/leeward course races right off the Fort. We had a few more guys out and the Moths, bringing the feet to a total of 15. 6 races were completed before bagging it for the day at around 3pm.

A huge thanks goes out to Tim Fitzgerald and Coach Ryan Hamm for putting this totally awesome event together!! These guys worked super hard for months leading up to this event and they certainly exceeded expectations.

Put this event on your calendars for next year, as it’s a one of a kind gem in the sailing world!

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