What is CR:X?

The Class

NeilPryde is expanding our one-design program into kite racing with the introduction of CR:X, the world’s first one-design kite racing class.

CR:X is an innovative, versatile kite racing platform that features a convertible board that can be switched between fin and foil modes. Multiple modes mean that the same set of hardware can be used for beginner or more advanced foil races or in changing weather conditions.

Our mission is to create a community of kite racing enthusiasts of all levels and abilities and enable them to race on a level and affordable playing field. CR:X delivers on this promise through a one-design pathway Class where athletes can compete on affordable, matched equipment.

After all, it’s the athlete that makes the difference.

The CR:X Class

The Movement

CR:X Chapters


We are setting up Chapters with individual ambassadors, local associations and clubs.

The Chapters will be run by individual ambassadors, sailing associations or club, and will support training, races and freeriding at their local kite beaches and sailing spots.

With the help of Chapters, the class will run local, regional, national and international events to include all levels and abilities.

Chapters = Community.


The Ambassador is the torchbearer, the person that leads Chapter members for race training, weekly events, long distance races and fun introductory days.

The aim is to give kiters an outlet to join together, share, look after each other on and off the water and help spread the word about our sport.

CR:X is here to encourage inclusivity and accessibility, to grow the community and, most importantly, to put new feet on boards and get people enjoying kite boarding.

Chapters = Fun and Inclusive.

CR:X Ambassador

CR:X National


Working with National Distributors, Kite Associations and National Sailing Associations we will build a structure that starts with demos right up to National Championships.

CR:X works well as a Youth Feeder class for Kiteboard Racing as well as Local and National One Design Racing.

It is hoped to run a series of clinics and demo events at the start of each season leading into series of events either on a local or national level.

Culminating in a National Championships – from this some will then qualify for Continental and World Championships representing their country.



It is important to have a set of rules that are recognised World Wide

You can go to any CR:X event with the same equipment and understand the Flags, starting sequences and courses even if you do not speak the language

At Chapter level these will be really simplified

While at National and Continental level the Racing Rules of Sailing will be used Click here 

The RRS are updated every 4 years – they look complicated however once explained they get easier to understand.

CR:X Rules

CR:X Qualification


Over the coming year we will be releasing out qualification and ranking system ( currently being developed)

At certain events – National – Continental and World Championships there will be limited places available

We hope to issue these by Sept 2017


Membership is required for all CR:X racers, it is inexpensive and helps fund the association

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